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Learning HIstory Through Music Book Bundle 96 pages of important historical facts, core-aligned lesson plans for grades 4 - 8, lyric sheets, sheet music, DVD containing all eight music videos and three CDs of all the song and instrumental versions in the collection 

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We The PeoplE


“We The People” sings the Preamble to the US Constitution in an uplifting, non-partisan, American Anthem suitable for 6 years old and older to sing. Each element is designed as a teaching or performing tool.  All elements are downloadable or available in video, cd, and sheet music formats.





Four Score and Seven Years Ago


“Four Score And Seven Years Ago” sings part of the Gettysburg Address, deals with questions about equality and the importance of being involved in the political process and touches on Lincoln, the 13th amendment, and the Civil War, voting and taking responsibility for our own lives.



She Still Carries a Torch


“She Still Carries A Torch” is a song about the Statue of Liberty and immigration, recognizing that Lady Liberty is an important symbol of our democracy and liberty for all those who have come to this country from other lands searching for freedom.